New Story Posted – Happy Christmas!

So the story is edited and posted now. You can access it from the Entwhistle Investigations page or from this link – The Deliciously Decpetive Case of the Dead Donut Doyen

Now I have to get writing on something new. Its a hard life of toil for this Kat, working my fingers to the bone!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!



Christmas Present Time!

First of all the good news. I’ve finished writing the new Entwhistle today so now it just needs to go to my editor for some checking and I hope it will be up before the end of the year. Sometime in the new year I’ll start something new, though that may not be till February when my diary of otehr stuff should start to clear down alot.

I’m not sure what it’ll be next, though my initial instinct was to write the Enwhistle that I’ve been putting off writing for some time. However I see that there’s a number of people who want me to write another Axis of Evil story. I would need to think about plot more first if I write that. I could of course write something entirely new. Would be nice to hear feedback on what people really want.

Happy Christmas everyone!



Has it really been that long since I last posted? First of all mega apologies to everyone for the lack of communication in the past few months. I know its no excuse but between work and doing up my huse things have been mega busy for me in the last months. I think I’m starting to come away from that and I can report that I have restaretd working on the next Entwhistle story. I’ve written about 5 sides now and things are coming along, which last week they weren’t.

The next part will be a murder mystery entitled “The Deliciously Decpetive Case of the Dead Donut Doyen” and I’m looking at doing a few slightly different things, though nothing too radical. This one is going to be more like an Agatha Christie murder mystery I think.

I hope you’re all doing great. I hope to have this one done by the end of the year.



New story now published

My editor got back to me super speedily and now its all edited and posted up. Many thanks for my editor’s work checking my spelling and inconsistencies! The new case is a slower burning investigation that has consequences down the line for our team of investigators. I’ll start working on the next case The Deliciously Decpetive Case of the Dead Donut Doyen when I get back from holiday later in June. In the meantime, I hope that enjoy this one.