Progress Update

So Kat, give us a progress update!” I hear you all asking.

“Well I have good news and bad news for you all in one go. The good news is that I’ve not only started the new Entwhistle story, but I’m halfway through it. The bad news is that I’m not done and I’ve been really snowed under with other stuff recently, so its been stuck there a couple of weeks.”

When’s it going to be done!” Is the next obvious question.

“I hope to be done by mid May. I’m going on holiday in June and I certainly want it completed by then. Not only that but I have ideas for 2 more Entwhistles afterwards. The second one is quite dark and involves the Professor. The third one is somewhat lighter in tone.”

No more other new stuff then?

“I have an idea for a fun one off called ‘The Fairweather Girl’ and the will be more Axis of Evil stuff at some point. This year has been quite full with stuff so I’ll going to get done what I can.”

What else have you been up to?

“Well I’ve been dressing up in London with the fabulous Cindy Conti from Boys Will be Girls. A couple of pictures from the session are below, including my Poison Ivy costume. I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Most of mine alas was spemt decorating!”

Hopefully I’ll have the story completed soon.


Next Wimbledon Champion?
Poison Ivy calling out the Batman!

New story posted

So, I managed to get off my padded behind and managed to writ another story. This particular story is a bit of a crossover between the Axis of Evil and Entwhistle Investigations and also belongs to neither in itself. There are links to the other stories and there will be ripples in the other stories from this one, but it could also be seen as a standalone. Now alas I’ve lost contact with my editor, so you’re all going to have to put up with my mistakes and spelling problems.

I’m probably going to write an Entwhistle story next, but I am still looking for a good idea. I have the story after next, but I’m still fishing for a good idea for the story in between.

I hope everyone is doing well after Covid.


Bodysuits – Fantasy vrs Reality

I love the idea of female bodysuits or skinsuits as deviantart seems to like calling them. There are now even real bodsyuits that you can buy and wear yourself, but there are a number of reasons why they don’t fulfill the fantasy yet for me. So I thought that I’d go through the issues and see if they can be improved upon.

  1. The Seams – So the first problem that comes up with any female prosthesis seems to be the seams at the edge of the suit. Whether this is on a breast plate, lower torso or a full bodysuit, where the prosthesis joins the actual body there’s always a difference in colour that shows. The solution for now seems to be to wear an item of clothing to hide the seam, whether its a top (for the chestplate) a choker (for the neck) or holdups (for the torso), this only works as long as you are wearing clothes. As soon as you want to ‘get naked’, the seams are suddenly on display. What is required is some kind of blending latex paste to ease the transition from the suit to the real skin. Of course you’d need to do that each time you put the suit on, so that is not a solution that means you can just keep putting the suit on and off.
  2. The Suit Skin Tone – The second problem with this suits is that the skin tone is the same all over. Real women’s bodies have tan lines on them and little imperfections. To get over this issue the suit would need to be custom sprayed by an artist to get all those real skin features like blemishes, freckles, veins and tan lines. This is not impossible to do, but it really needs a lot of attention to detail by an artist and would be expensive.
  3. The Suits Movement – The next problem I see with full body suits is that when you move your arms and legs in them, the suit wrinkles up and doesn’t adhere properly to the person underneath. Again this one is not unsolvable as I think you could apply a slow drying and non permanent glue to the inside of the suit to hold it down and in place, but again this would make the suit not easily removeable and rewearable.
  4. The Belly Button – A lot of the manufacturers of these suits try to put a fake belly button in the suit, however I usually find these to be unrealistic as they are too shallow. What is needed is the suit to be thicker around the belly button area and the belly button to go in deeper. Not impossible to do, but again would increase the cost of the suit.
  5. The Pubic Hair – Now I have seen a few of these suits that do include this as an option, but it tends to be too regular in its shape as well as the hair length. Most ladies (who haven’t been to Brazil) do not have such a need public hair and this needs to make the hair colour of the ‘lady’ as well as being less regular.
  6. The Mould Marks – When these suits are made, they are made from moulds that are in two halves. This leaves a very fine line around where the moulds were joined. Now these can be removed carefully with a knofeeither by yourself or you can pay some of the sellers to have this done so this isn’t as big a problem as it could be.
  7. The Vagina – Now actually the outside of the vagina generally looks quite good and the solution to peeing through a catheter and the vaginal tube look pretty spot on, but there are two issues with the ones I see. Firstly they all seem to have nobbles imside them, which are obstensively to give your partner more ‘feeling’. Alas though a real vagina is lubricated and smooth so this is just not realistic. Now one of those two issues could be solved with a smooth tube. The other would need to be solved by putting some kind of liquid in there before any sex takes place, like perhaps Vagisil perhaps.
  8. The Taste and Smell – Alas latex and silicone don’t taste like a real woman does when you suck on their nipples. Could you mask that taste and smell with body lotions? I’m not sure but I guess that’s where I would try. That is unless you could add something to the latex mix that gives a more natural smell.

Honestly I think the makers of these suits do a great job of illusion for the price they are making them as long as you keep the patches of skin that are showing to defined areas. The breast plates are the best for this, especially when the person is wearing clothing. Could a better suit be made? I think so, but the time and cost would be a lot greater and it would require a craftsman of great skill. There was an MI6 spy who was a loner and found dead in a holdall in 2012. His apartment had lots of wigs and women’s clothes in it and he’d visited drag shows recently. He also shaved his body as he was a cyclist and his eyebrows were thin. I like to think that the intelligence services were preparing him to go undercover in a female role and were making him such a bodysuit before he was killed. Could MI:6 really do it? We’ll probably never know that one.

Next Story

On a different subject I haven’t started a next story yet. My wife’s mum died last month and between that and work being crazy busy I haven’t had time to write one. Plus the Entwhistle Story I was going to write, I don’t have the enthusiasm for at the moment. The good news is that I do have an idea now for a fun story called ‘The Jailbird’ that is related to the Entwhistle / Axis universe which I’ll probably start on next month.

Hope you are all doing well!